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1Are there more than one function room that I can book?Multiple
2Can I modify or cancel my reservation?Reservations
3Could I bring in my own caterer?Multiple
4Could I BYO?Multiple
5Could I change the conference package to suit our conference requirements?Multiple
6Could I change the menu or could I add to the menu?Multiple
7Do I need a credit card to make an online reservation? How safe is it?Reservations
8Do I need to pay deposit to secure my booking?Accommodations
9Do I need to pay deposit to secure the booking for a conference?Multiple
10Do I need to pay deposit to secure the booking for a function?Multiple
11Do you charge any function room hire fee?Multiple
12Do you charge for modifications?Reservations
13Do you have a shopping centre nearby?Multiple
14Do you have disabled accommodation?Accommodations
15Do you have internet access?Accommodations