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16Do you have Late Check Outs?Accommodations
17Do you have out door are suitable for team building activities and/or space available for out door demonstration?Multiple
18Do you have restaurant and what are the hours?Multiple
19How can I get to you if I am driving?Multiple
20How many people can you hold for a conference?Multiple
21How many people can you hold?Multiple
22How much will my credit card be charged to make the online reservation?Reservations
23Is there a bond for the room?Accommodations
24Is there airport shuttle service in the area?Transport
25Is there more than one conference room that I can book?Multiple
26Is there parking space available?Accommodations
27Is there plenty of parking and do you charge for parking?Multiple
28Is there plenty of parking for our conference requirements and do you charge for parking?Multiple
29Is there public transportation available?Multiple
30What are the Check in and Check out times?Accommodations